Making Construction Cool…

Rob Charlton

Written by Rob Charlton, BIM Technologies

The idea for BIM Show Live was developed after total fatigue of the round of conferences a couple of years ago talking about the theory of BIM. There were a number of people and organisations at the time who were not only talking about BIM but were doing it.

A couple of the BIMtechnologies team had been attending Autodesk university for a number of years and we felt that there was an opportunity to coordinate something similar for the UK. This event would bring together those who were actually delivering in BIM and pushing the boundaries in the industry.

It was structured around the 4 stages of BIG BIM and looked beyond just design and build. We could see that the value in the data was always going to be in long term operation.

We also wanted to be software neutral and were keen to get the support of all software vendors.

The selection of speakers was to be independent to ensure we maintained quality and it wasn’t possible to buy your way into the programme.

Obviously all of this costs money so we were fortunate enough to find UBM as our JV partner.

Since the first humble event at the building design centre nearly two years ago the event has gone from strength to strength. The fundamental principals remain the same. The most important thing at BIM Show Live is the content.

When I saw the programme for this year I was blown away. Not only by the level of support but the quality and depth across all classes. For the first event we had to twist people arms to speak about what they were doing. Now there is so much going in and So many people want to share their knowledge.

This alone must be a positive for the industry. Where else do main contractors, manufacturers, subcontractors and designers share a stage?

We have seen a huge growth in adoption and it is fantastic to see support from all aspect of the industry.

On the opening day I will deliver “a state of the nation” speech! Whilst some may say I have presidential aspirations this will specifically relate to how different parts of the industry are responding to the challenges and opportunity of BIM. The programme at BSL2013 is a great barometer and I am sure you can work out the good the bad and the ugly from who is speaking and importantly who is not.

The final point for BSL is it needs to be fun.There will be lots of learning and thinking but  want to it to be fun!

Cool Construction

For so long we have tried to promote our industry to young people.

Construction and property is not an easy sell at present. We will launch our new campaign at BSL which we are calling  “Cool Construction.” We see this as a way of attracting the best talent into the industry from both genders. We want to be able to compete with Facebook and Google as the employers if choice.

Why can’t construction be cool?

For more information and to book your delegate place, please visit:


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